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Health & Fitness with Diabetes

Eating a balanced diet when you have diabetes is important, and keeping healthy by exercising can also have a positive impact on your diabetes management.

Hypoglycaemia & Sick Days with Diabetes

Hypoglycaemia, or low blood sugar, happens when blood sugar level drop below normal levels. If you have diabetes, being ill can increase your blood sugar level.

Travelling & Driving with Diabetes

Even though you can't leave your diabetes at home when you go on holiday, or go driving, you can still have the adventure of a lifetime.

Sex & Pregnancy with Diabetes

Diabetes doesn’t mean a life without sex or starting a family. With good diabetes control you can still have a healthy sex life and pregnancy.

Smoking & Drinking with Diabetes

We all know that smoking and drinking too much alcohol are not good for us, but what are the additional dangers for people with diabetes?

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